Martin West

Living in Sheffield I am lucky to have access to the Peak District within minutes. I have been photographing the Peaks for over 25 Years, but with the introduction of Digital and my kids now grown to adults, I am now spending more time re-visiting my favourite locations.

Very much a morning person, I have witnessed some wonderful sunrises over one of the most beautiful areas in the UK. My photos on this site show these and the ever changing conditions that make the Peak District such a special place.

Martin Levers

Very much a photographer from the digital age. I have been taking photographs since about 2005 with any seriousness, and landscapes are very much my first love.

I too, live on the edge of the Peak District, and can be out in the Peaks within 20 minutes from home. I also, love the early mornings, and there is no better feeling than being out at the dawn of a new day. I feel very privileged to have witnessed some stunning sights at these times.

My aim is to exploit the natural beauty of the landscape, and will use the best light at the beginning and the end of the day to achieve this.